Series on Why “We Must Stop Hitting Children!”

Starting on Thursday January 28, 2016, and continuing each Thursday through March 31, 2016, the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) will be publishing a ten part series of articles on why “We Must Stop Hitting Children!” The topics of each article are listed below.

These important articles are intended for both parents and for anyone who works with parents, including teachers, principals, counselors, therapists, doctors and nurses.

The brilliant contemporary celebrity, Louis CK, has a fine perspective on this issue. Click on his picture to appreciate his wisdom…

Louis C K on Hitting is Crazy

The series is written by CICC’s Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Kerby T. Alvy, a nationally respected authority on parenting and author of numerous books and programs on effective parenting and parenting education.

Part 1 Children Are People Too

Part 2 Definitions of Physical Punishment

Part 3 Hitting Children is Very Common

Part 4 Approval of Hitting Is Declining

Part 5 Hitting Is Used for Different Reasons

Part 6 Are Physically Punished Children Better Behaved?

Part 7 Do State Laws Define Allowable vs. Prohibited Physical Punishment?

Part 8 Human Rights Considerations

Part 9 Countries Who Have Outlawed Hitting Children

Part 10 Conclusions, Resources and What To Do Instead

Each article will appear as a post on the Blog on CICC’s website,


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