HOW TO RAISE KIND KIDS: A Modern Masterpiece!

The latest parenting guidebook by Dr. Thomas Lickona, the father of the Character Education Movement, is a contemporary masterpiece.

Every chapter and appendix draws on the latest research on what to do to raise kind children. Dr. Lickona and his wife’s experiences in raising their now adult children and their grandchildren are also highlighted.

His book tackles the latest challenges to parents, such as how to help kids avoid the dangers of a Hyper-Sexualized Culture – And Find True Love.

He educates about the history and current status of our Toxic-Political Culture, and how parents can give their children guidance on how to cope. He also tackles and helps us with the Culture of Entitlement and spoiling children.

There are special sections on raising tempermentally difficult children.

Altogether, a cornucopia of guidance for helping to shape respectable and responsible lives for our children. “This book should become the Dr. Spock volume for today’s child-rearing environment”, says Dr. Alvy of CICC. He is a colleague and admirer of Dr. Lickona, who was a fellow recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the institution from which they both earned their doctorates.

Dr. Alvy also made extensive usage of Dr. Lickona’s stage of moral reasoning in CICC’s national model parenting programs, The New Confidant Parenting and the Effective Black Parenting Programs.

Lickona’s new book is the gem of his prodigious contributions to the quality of family and community life. Do not hesitate to obtain it right away! To obtain it, click HERE

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