Effective Parenting Certificate of Appreciation

On this the 44th anniversary of its national parenting education organization, the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) is proud to announce the availability of an Effective Parenting Certificate of Appreciation.

This certificate is designed to recognize and honor any person who is raising children who has taken the time and energy to enroll in and complete a parenting education class or service to become more sensitive, knowledgeable and effective.

To obtain your certificate if you have completed a parenting education class or service, email Dr. Alvy, the Founder and Executive Director of CICC, at kalvy@ciccparenting.org and include:

1. Your name and mailing and email addresses,
2. The name of the class or service you completed, and
3. The dates and location of the class or service.

If you are a trained parenting educator, leader or coach, please have parents in your current classes or services, or prior such classes or services, also write Dr. Alvy for their certificates.

If you are an administrator of a school, school district or other organization that provides parenting education classes or services, please alert your parents to write Dr. Alvy for their certificates.

You may also want to obtain Dr. Alvy’s new guidebook for parents, Parenting Errors: How to Solve Them. Numerous modern parenting education programs and services are described in that guidebook, as well as a practical approach to deal with errors of commission or commission you may be making or have made.

Order the Parenting Errors guidebook by clicking HERE.

Congratulations for wanting to do the best job possible in raising the next generation of adults, parents and community leaders!

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