CICC – 45 Years and Still Helping Families

CICC has just reached its 45th Year of existence in 2019!

Here are some of its Current Happenings:

1) New exposure for Dr. Alvy’s PARENTING ERRORS guidebook, through festivals and conferences, nationally and internationally, as well as a new Social Media Campaign with Facebook and Instagram, to be launched within the next few weeks.

2) New Dr.Alvy website ( ). This new website contains all of his parenting education publications, with direct links to each.

3) New updated Instructor Manual for CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program, with guidance from National Trainer-of-Instructor, Ida A. Collier, M.Ed.. The updated Manual is being carefully constructed to include new coverage of important topics such as: the Obama presidency, new professional acknowledgements of the impact of slavery on African American family life, the latest examples of African American Vernacular English program usage, new laws about marijuana, and the use of digital download versions of Instructional Charts.The Updated Manual will be available later in 2019.

Possible use of the program by national organizations such as the NAACP and with support from private foundations.

4) Additional Instructor Training Workshops are currently being planned. See Instructor Workshops page on CICC’s Website by clicking HERE to initiate a Workshop.

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