CICC – 45 Years and Still Helping Families

CICC has just reached its 45th Year of existence in 2019!

Here are some of its Current Happenings:

1) New exposure for Dr. Alvy’s PARENTING ERRORS guidebook, through festivals and conferences, nationally and internationally, as well as a new Social Media Campaign with Facebook and Instagram, to be launched within the next few weeks.

2) New Dr.Alvy website ( ). This new website contains all of his parenting education publications, with direct links to each.

3) New updated Instructor Manual for CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program, with guidance from National Trainer-of-Instructor, Ida A. Collier, M.Ed.. The updated Manual is being carefully constructed to include new coverage of important topics such as: the Obama presidency, new professional acknowledgements of the impact of slavery on African American family life, the latest examples of African American Vernacular English program usage, new laws about marijuana, and the use of digital download versions of Instructional Charts.The Updated Manual will be available later in 2019.

Possible use of the program by national organizations such as the NAACP and with support from private foundations.

4) Additional Instructor Training Workshops are currently being planned. See Instructor Workshops page on CICC’s Website by clicking HERE to initiate a Workshop.

DR. ALVY @ LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS – Saturday APRIL 13, 2019 – 1:30-2:30 PM & much more!

Once again, at the gala and prestigious LOS ANGELES TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS, on Saturday, April 13, 2019, you will be able to meet Dr. Kerby Alvy and receive a complimentary signed copy of his new parenting guidebook, PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them. Over 100,000 people attend this FREE Admission Event each year and celebrity authors discuss their books.

Dr. Alvy, CICC’s founder and executive director will be available to sign your free book from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM at the AUTHOR SOLUTIONS Booth # 222 – The Book Signing booths are located in the Purple Zone near the intersection of W. 34th Street and N. Trousdale Parkway, across from Taper Hall.
For Festival of Books Travel, Parking, Map and Info, Click HERE

The Festival will be held at the:
University of Southern California
University Park Campus
3535 Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90089

Be sure to get to the Booth early as only the first 75 visitors will receive a FREE book.

PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them provides a comprehensive appreciation of parental responsibilities and a unique approach to solving common errors. This practical guidebook has received excellent reviews. Visit the book’s website to read the reviews, see excerpts, book video, Television Interview with Dr. Alvy and more.

The book can also be purchased on the CICC website right now by clicking HERE

This highly practical parenting guidebook will also be showcased at other National and International Book & Library events:

2019 Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, April 10-12, 2019, Cleveland , Ohio
2019 National Education Association Expo, July 2-3, 2019, Houston, Texas
2019 American Association of School Libraries Conference, November 14-16, 2019, Louisville, Kentucky
2019 London Book Festival, April 10-12, 2019, London, UK
2019 Book Expo America, May 30-June 2, 2019, New York, New York
2019 Beijing International Book Faire, August 23-25, 2019, Beijing, China
2019 Frankfurt International Book Faire, October 16-20, 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

A Program to Help Latino Parents

The Los Niños Bien Educados parenting skill-building program is designed specifically to assist parents of Latino children to be the best parents they can be. The program is considered to be a national model. It was developed by the 44 year old non-profit CICC, the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring, and is available in English or Spanish.

CICC will be conducting a five-day intensive training workshop to prepare more instructors to deliver classes in the program the week of April 29 – May 3, 2019, 9am to 5pm each day.

For a full description of this unique parenting program, see below.

For a study that shows the importance of the program’s cultural content, click HERE.

The workshop will be led by Dr. Martha Lopez, the Senior National Trainer.

The workshop will be hosted by an organization that has been successfully using the program for more than a decade:

El Proyecto del Barrio
9140 Van Nuys Blvd.
Panorama City, California 91402

The enrollment fee is $1795 per person. The fee is for 5 days of professional training, including a complete Instructor Kit (valued at $415) to be used in running classes.


If it is not possible to attend this workshop, the Kit can be purchased separately. Click HERE for the Instructor’s Kit in English. Click HERE for the Instructor’s Kit in Spanish.

For prior News Shows of parental reactions to the Program Click HERE to go to the Videos/Photos page and scroll to Videos 7 and 8.

Los Angeles County Expands Its Efforts to Help Parents of African American Children

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the nation’s largest public child welfare organization, is building its capacity to assist more parents of African American children to be as effective and sensitive as possible in raising their children. It is doing this by training 55 additional staff members from throughout the County to deliver classes in the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

The Department is responsible for preventing and treating child abuse. Parents of African American children are grossly over represented among those who are reported for child abuse. Supporting the widespread availability of CICC’s national model program is consistent with the Department’s official mandate.

The Department first supported the use of this parenting skill-building program in the late 1970s when the program first became available. It used the program as part of its Black Family Investment Project in the South Los Angeles region. The program proved to be very successful. Research showed that families, who had an opportunity to take classes in what the program teaches, were significantly less likely to be reported again for abuse. Those families became closer together and made extensive use of the positive skills and strategies taught in the program. The Department also won an award for providing culturally appropriate services.

Two years ago when the Department again focused on assisting parents of African American children, it trained 40 staff from more regions in the County to deliver classes in the program. Those classes were so helpful that the Department decided to train staff from more regions to be able to deliver such classes.

The additional 55 are being trained through instructor workshops during the month of March 2019. These workshops are being coordinated by Rochelle Frankling, Supervising Children’s Social Worker, from the Palmdale office (SPA 1) and Danita Henderson, Child Welfare Director, Shields for Families (SPA 6).

Later this year the trained staff members will be making classes available to parents who are current clients of the Department. Some regions are planning to make their classes available to parents who are not Department clients.

Descriptions of what CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program teaches during its 15 sessions and descriptions of the program’s development and effectiveness, are available on a new website that is devoted to the program,

Pediatricians More Strongly Oppose Corporal Punishment

In a new policy statement, published in the Journal of Pediatrics the first week of November 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics once again urges parents and other child caring persons against using corporal punishment in disciplining children.  Their policy statement recommends that adults caring for children use “healthy forms of discipline”—such as positive reinforcement of appropriate behavior, setting limits and setting expectations – and not use spanking, hitting, slapping, threatening, insulting, humiliating or shaming.

Their current statement updates their previous guidance that recommended that “parents be encouraged and assisted in developing methods other than spanking in response to undesired behavior.” This is, of course, what numerous other progressive-thinking  organizations like the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) and the American Psychological Association have been promoting for decades. 

The new policy statement by the pediatricians goes on to further state that in the 20 years from their last statement, “there has been a great deal of additional research, and we’re much stronger in saying that parents should never hit their child and never use verbal insults that would humiliate or shame the child,” said Dr. Robert Sege, first author of the policy statement and a pediatrician at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

“This is much stronger than the previous advice,” he said. The new policy encourages pediatricians to discuss the data about different kinds of discipline with parents so, of course, they make their own decisions in how they choose to raise their children.”

A fuller discussion of their reasons for opposing spanking and other negative approaches can be found at: . Their fullest recommendations appear in their December 2018 publication, Effective Discipline to Raise Healthy Children which can be found at:

The thinking and research that is behind the position of the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring is available in its series of articles, We Must Stop Hitting Children at:

As would be expected, there is much in common between the Academy’s and CICC’s reasoning and referencing.

The Encouragement of Michelle Obama

As part of its work in updating its Effective Black Parenting Program, the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) has been reviewing recent books about and by Michelle Obama. It is clear that many of the ways she was brought up by her parents and extended family members on the south side of Chicago, are similar to what the program teaches parents to do with their children.

In addition, there is a public presentation by Michelle that will be incorporated into the updated program. That inspiring presentation was delivered to a high school graduating class in June 2010.

The presentation appeared in the Introduction of a book about Michelle by Peter Slevin, Michelle Obama: A Life (2015, Vantage Books). Mr. Slevin spent a decade on the national staff of the Washington Post, before joining Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

His rendition of her speech is available by clicking HERE. CICC is calling her powerful and candid speech The Encouragement of Michelle Obama.

For information on the history and impact of CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program, visit

Another Award for Parenting Errors Book!

Dr. Kerby T. Alvy’s parenting guidebook, PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them, just received another important Award. A Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for 2018. The Award was from the National Association of Book Entrepenures, NABE. Dr. Alvy’s book won its Pinnacle Award in the FAMILY & PARENTING Category.

PARENTING ERRORS is available from the website of the non-profit Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC). Thus, your purchase will help extend CICC’s parenting education services, as well as bring you and your family excellent ways of raising and relating to children. Click HERE to obtain the book.

Here is what readers and reviewers are saying about Dr. Alvy’s book:

“Reading this book was remarkably illuminating and made me assess my own parenting as well as my relationships with my children.”

“An insightful text that will help parents overcome mistakes to become the best parents they can be, resulting in having the best children they can have.”

“Alvy’s book would be great for child psychologists who want to study the best psychological methods to help parents and children.”

“An easy-to-read approach to universal parenting mistakes and from which anyone can benefit to become better adults. It presents a standard for future generations to model.”

Stopping the Beating of Black Children – CICC’s Program and Wisdom of Dr. Stacey Patton

Inspired by the recent publications of Dr. Stacey Patton concerning the parenting legacy of slavery, and their relevance to CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program, an essay has been written and published on the CICC Website.

Click HERE to go to our NEWS page to read and/or Download the essay: Stopping the Beating of Black Children – CICC’s Program and Wisdom of Dr. Stacey Patton.

The essay should be required reading for anyone concerned about race relations in the USA. The essay is particularly timely with the recent release of Spike Lee’s powerful film, BlacKkKlansman.

The essay even made its debut on our other website which is devoted to the Effective Black Parenting Program,

Last Chance To Receive Discount for Washington, DC’s Effective Black Parenting Instructor Training Workshop September 10-14!

On the week of September 10-14, 2018, a new workshop to prepare people to deliver classes in the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring’s Effective Black Parenting Program will be offered in Washington, DC.

This 5-Day Workshop is being co-sponsored by and located at the D.C. Children’s Trust Fund.

To Register, go directly to the website of the Trust Fund by clicking HERE
The Regular cost for enrolling is $1,495.00 per person.

There are Discounts for Early Registration as follows:
Early Bird Special: Register by July 30th – $1,295
Special: Register between July 31st and August 24th – $1,395
Regular: Register between August 25th and September 3rd – $1,495

1) PURPOSE: To learn how to deliver Classes in Center for the Improvement of Child Caring’s (CICC) Effective Black Parenting Program.

2) WHAT YOU GET: 5 Days of Professional Training, a Complete Instructor’s Kit of materials needed to run Classes, and Certification to conduct Classes.

3) ENROLLMENT FEE: $1,495.00 (which includes Complete Instructor’s Kit)

4) WORKSHOP LEADER: Ruth M. Rich, M.A. (who has conducted numerous classes)

5) LOCATION: D.C. Children’s Trust Fund, 1112 11th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001

6) TIME COMMITMENT: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday-Friday)

By completing this Workshop, You will be joining over 5,000 colleagues in 44 States and the District of Columbia who have been similarly trained over the last 4 decades.

CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program has won numerous awards, and is considered to be an evidence-based National Model. The Program now has it’s own website where you can learn about it’s history, what it teaches and it’s impact on parents and children. The program website can be reached by clicking HERE


Dr. Alvy receiving congratulations from President Clinton for CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

EBP Parents Handbook_3879

To obtain Instructional Materials for CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program, independent of enrolling in the Workshop, Click HERE

The Complete Parenting Education Works of Dr. Kerby T. Alvy

The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) proudly presents this summary of the parenting publications created by its Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Kerby T. Alvy, a nationally respected authority on parenting and parent education.

The publications include those about CICC’s national model skill-building programs (The New Confidant Parenting, The Effective Black Parenting, and the Los Ninos Bien Educados Programs).

Also included are general guidebooks for parents and professionals that are not part of any specific program, parenting education series from the CICC Blog, which are available free of charge, and how to contact Dr. Alvy for speaking and consulting engagements.

Included are the following publications. Click on the title to review, purchase or obtain.

1. Parenting Program Handbooks, Instructor Manuals and Related Videos

A. The New Confident Parenting Program

Parent Handbook

Yelling, Threatening, Putting Down: What To Do Instead DVD

B. The Effective Black Parenting Program

Parent Handbook

Instructor Manual

The Soulful Parent: Raising Healthy, Happy and Successful African American Children

Research on creating the program: Black Parenting: Strategies for Training (Amazon)

C. The Los Ninos Bien Educados Program

Parent Handbook: In Spanish

Parent Handbook: In English

Instructor Manual: Mainly In English, Some Spanish

2. Guidebooks for Parents and Professionals that are independent of a specific Program

The New Power of Positive Parenting

Parenting Errors: How To Solve Them

Parent Training Today: A Social Necessity (Amazon)

THE POSITIVE PARENT – Raising Healthy, Happy, and Successful Children from Birth-Adolescence (Teachers College Press – Columbia University)

The CICC Discovery Tool – Questionnaires to explore young children’s development in the first 5 years of life and to see if a child has Special Needs. (Amazon)

3. Parenting Education Series and Articles from CICC Blog (Free)

How Children Learn Series

Series on Why “We Must Stop Hitting Children!”

What Presidents and Presidential Candidates can do to make America a Parent-Friendly Nation

4. Have Dr. Alvy Consult with Your Organization or Speak at Conferences